We believe that church should be fun. Yes, fun. Well, maybe enjoyable is a more grown-up word. The reality is that many churches aren’t—and that reputation has led to many people just disengaging.​ So, here at New Horizons, we made a pledge: No. Boring. Church. We meet together on Sundays (and other days as well) because we want to be here—not because we feel obligated to. And that makes all the difference. 

Grab a fresh brewed coffee and expect to laugh a little, smile a lot, hear some great music, lean into relevant and inspiring teaching that doesn’t shy away from tough topics (who ever said life was easy?). And expect to engage in this while in the company of genuinely friendly people—real people who often are struggling with real issues that face all of us in life. We don’t do fake here. What’s the point? Nobody’s being fooled by people pretending that everything is awesome when just below the surface we’re wrestling with things like relationships breaking down, kids rebelling, financial stresses, mental and physical illness; you get it. Life is hard sometimes and we need some guidance and answers—and life is best lived in the company of friends.

So we encourage you to check us out. We sincerely think you’ll be glad you did.