We have begun gathering in the building for worship.
Join us on Sunday mornings in person or on Zoom at 10:30 a.m.

Everyone is welcome!
To get the Zoom link, please contact the office through the form below.


Mission: Helping people discover new life in Christ.
Vision: Creating churches unchurched people love to attend.
Welcome to NHCCSarnia!


We glorify God when we live our lives to their fullest. God has His very best in mind for His children! This is the "Abundant Life" Jesus promises His followers in the Bible. Our fullness is found in Jesus, as we live our lives in relationship with Him. As we follow His lead in our lives day by day, we are being made more and more like Him - to God's great pleasure and glory!



God has His people on an incredible journey! As we live in relationship with Jesus, we will discover new gifts He has equipped us with - new purpose He has created us for - new passions that align with the passions that make His heart quicken! God has a plan and a purpose for you to make a lasting impact on this world that will echo on for eternity! Are you ready to discover your true potential as God designed it?



Soon we each discover that our lives are not our own. We were created to make a difference in the lives of others. God placed you on this Earth to make an eternal impact for His glory. Deep inside you know that this world needs to change... That's why you're here! You were placed here by the hand of God to bring the change He desires to the world He created. Are you ready to embark on the adventure of a lifetime? Who knows where this journey will lead you... 



Confronted with the reality that Canada has an increasing population of people who have little to no church connection or history, NHCC has embarked on the journey to become a church where unchurched people want to attend. Our mission is simple - do our part in making the connection between Jesus and the people of Sarnia. 


It is evident to all that the world continues to change rapidly. What has worked yesterday will not necessarily work tomorrow. At NHCC we're asking ourselves the difficult question, "What about us needs to change in order to keep up with an ever-changing world?" As we walk this journey, pursuing answers and having fun along the way, we are steadfastly committed to this - the truth of Jesus and His timeless, unchanging message of love! 


New Horizons Community Church

383 Russell St. N

Sarnia, ON N7T 6S8

Tel: 519.332.3918

Email: officemanager.nhcc@gmail.com

Service Times:

Sundays @ 10:30am