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Ministry at New Horizons is currently divided into six ministry teams:

 Mission, Adult/Discipleship, Children/Youth, Prayer Point Ministries, Worship, and Congregational Care.

Each team consists of four to five volunteers who serve together.

Soup Kitchen
The Adult/Discipleship Ministry Team provides opportunities for discipling, training, and mentoring in following Christ.  Small groups are a key component of the Team's focus. Those interested in being part of a small group, or learning more about them, can contact the church office.



The Mission team supports and resources individuals and groups from New Horizons as they reach out within the Sarnia-Lambton community and beyond with the love of Christ. The team encourages and provides opportunities to support various local service groups, neighbourhood schools, and foodbanks, as well as global mission initiatives. Whether through prayer, donations, or hands-on ministry, everyone can serve in some way.

Support Group Meeting
Group of Friends Going on Excursion


Children are valued at New Horizons!  During these challenging days of adhering to Covid restrictions, ministry to children and youth has taken many forms; however, spending time together, building good relationships in community and learning about loving God and others is key.

Congregational Care
Every believer who is part of a faith community should engage in one-another care. This ministry team helps the congregation focus on Prayer Care, Crisis Care, Visitation Care, Needs Care, and Celebrations Care within the New Horizons Community.

Worship is an integral part of faith and should be from the heart. All are welcome at our family friendly Worship Gathering which takes place every Sunday at 10:30 a.m. Encounter meaningful worship, Biblical teaching on relevant and transformational themes. We celebrate communion each month, connecting with others in God's family as we remember Him together. Our children's program takes place during the teaching portion of our Sunday Gathering.

Prayer Point Ministries
Prayer is important and necessary in the life of a faith community as believers grow and live out their Christian faith together. This ministry team encourages and provides opportunities for individual and corporate prayer.
Praying Together
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