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Confronted with the reality that Canada has an increasing population of people who have little-to-no church connection or history, NHCC has embarked on the journey to become a church that unchurched people love to attend. Our purpose is simple - do our part in making the connection between Jesus and the people of Sarnia. 


It is evident to all that the world continues to change rapidly. What has worked yesterday will not necessarily work tomorrow. At NHCC we're asking ourselves the difficult question, "What about us needs to change in order to keep up with an ever-changing world?" As we walk this journey, pursuing answers and having fun along the way, we are steadfastly committed to this - the truth of Jesus and His timeless, unchanging message of love!

It's funny what can happen when like-minded people get together regularly, especially when they share significant, life impacting values such as faith. With so much in common, there may be little pressure to self-evaluate and consider necessary change. The symptom of this can be found in church gatherings everywhere. These gatherings can become internally focused and built upon the preferences of those already present. If left unchecked, the gathering may lose its ability to attract newcomers - or worse - the gathering may not even want to attract newcomers because it could upset the balance that currently exists (though they would never admit it!). But without newcomers, the gathering will eventually dissolve.

"New" means "change." Change can be uncomfortable for everyone, but it's often necessary. The world outside the walls of any church gathering is changing rapidly and without mercy. If the Church cannot grasp this reality, how will they ever be able to connect with the world who's living this reality? The Church has done the same thing for so long and with the same results. If we desire different results, it's time for change.

We want to build a Sunday gathering with certain people in mind - people who've given up on church, or have never seen the value in it. We don't have all the answers, but we desire to see God do something new. Join us for some exciting live music, a message delivered with authenticity, and minimal churchy tradition if we can help it! 








mathew Guevarra

Lead Pastor

kyra devries

Next Generations Ministries

Marisa innocente

Office Manager

New Horizons Community Church is affiliated with the Free Methodist Church in Canada. For more information click here.